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Changzhou New Liaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd China is a professional manufacturer for plastic extruding line for monofilament and spare parts. Since established in 1989, for over twenty years continual effort, we have come into being a whole scientific management system which ranges in devicing production, controlling quality, delivering product and customer service, also we have a professional group which have been trained strictly, they are able to offer multi - faceted technical service which including program design, product manufacture and the technique of the product. our machine can produce yarn for woven bag, jumbo bag, geotextile, tarpulin, shading screens, safety net, sports net, artificial grass, carpet backing, industry net, zipper, fishing net, trampoline, curtain, trimmer Line,velcro, mosquito net, ropes etc.
Sewing Yarn Making Machine
NLY Zipper Monofilament Making Machine
PP HDPE Monofilament Making Machine
  • PP HDPE Rope and Net Monofilament Making machine
  • Monofilament Extruding Machine Raw Material : PP HDPE Mono. Diameter :from 0.1 to 1.0mm Designed with one-stage-Drawing and heat Setting (Optional), Used for Rope , Nettings (safe net , fishing net , anti-insect net, Agriculture net, Masquito net...) ,brush , broom and other purpose
Monofilament extruding line for industrial net
  • Monofilament extruding line for industrial net
  • ★Special screened bimetallic screw with mixing head ★The screw use PID intelligent temperature control ★Double spinnerets make the yarn more even and steady ★The extruder uses pressure sensor to accurately control the output of screw ★The cooling water tank has independent heating system ★New type of the hot water tank keeps temperature stable and saves energy ★All the take-off units use casting frame to keep bevel wheel running smooth ★Doulbe layer oven can stretch the yarn in all around ★Specially designed passage of hot oven,makes hot wind distribute evenly ★The oven is heated by electrical pipe which can reach 300 degree ★European standard safeguard system
Plastic extruding line for artifical grass
  • Plastic extruding line for artifical grass
  • ★ UsingDouble extruders to produce the different color glass at same time ★ Using 3+1 position dosing system ★ Melt pressure on-line inspection and display digital intelligently ★ Automatic double layer screen exchangeer ★ The cooling water tank has water constant stabilizer ★ Use X-ray to inspect the thickness of film on line and record all data ★ Rotary knife stand with 5 kinds of knife for continuous using ★ Double layer oven is opened by double cylinder which makes the structure more fluent ★ Specially designed passage, making hot wind distribute evenly ★ Big heating roller which can reach 250 degree sets the yarn perfectly ★ High quality reciprocated screw with critically process ★ European standard safeguard system
PA Monofilament Making Machine