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Monofilament extruding line for industrial net

  • Product Name:  

    Monofilament extruding line for industrial net

  • Model No:  SYL-Z
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  • Monofilament extruding line for industrial net
  • Monofilament extruding line for industrial net

Detailed Product Description

★ Special screened bimetallic screw with mixing head

★ The screw use PID intelligent temperature control
★ Double spinnerets make the yarn more even and steady
★ The extruder uses pressure sensor to accurately control the output of screw
★ The cooling water tank has independent heating system
★ New type of the hot water tank keeps temperature stable and saves energy
★ All the take-off units use casting frame to keep bevel wheel running smooth
★ Doulbe layer oven can stretch the yarn in all around
★ Specially designed passage of hot oven,makes hot wind distribute evenly
★ The oven is heated by electrical pipe which can reach 300 degree
★ European standard safeguard system
★ The winders use linear guideway to control the alternate motion

Main technical parameter:

Item SYL-Z65×28-750 monofilament extruding line for industrial net
Dia. of monofilament Ø0.10-Ø0.35mm
Dia. of screw Ø65mm
Ratio of L/D 28:1
Holes of spinneret 120 pcs
Heating type of spinneret oil-heating
Stretching mode hot water, hot wind
Qty. of stretching unit 4
System installed capacity 350KW
Normal operational capacity 210KW
Overall size(L×W×H) 52000×3800×2400mm
Total weight 36T


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