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Ultrasonic vibration drawing machine mechanism and practical application experimental study

Views: 105801/28/2014  

The ultrasonic vibration pulls the silk is the supersonic plastic processing one kind, is in the convention pulls the silk in the process to superimpose the ultrasonic wave energy of vibration the new processing craft. Because this craft may reduce the pulling capacity strength, the improvement surface quality, the enhancement processing efficiency and the processing material scope broad and so on characteristics receives the domestic and foreign scholar's widespread attention. Research until now, the people pull the silk to the ultrasonic wave plasticity the mechanism not to obtain satisfaction the explanation, still paused in the fumble stage, has not achieved applies truly middle the actual processing. Pulls in predecessor's research foundation from the metallic material plastic deformation's influencing factor and the metal wire rod pulls out the foundation to obtain, in the massive consult material's foundation, has further conducted the research to the ultrasonic wave drawing machine mechanism

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